Message from Our President

As president of the Mississippi Defense Lawyers Association, it is my privilege to welcome you to the official website of this association of attorneys who practice primarily in the defense of clients in litigated civil matters in Mississippi courts of law. It is my hope you will find information here to assist in your understanding of who we are and what we do. The MDLA has been around for over 50 years, having been founded in 1965, and consists of over 450 current and active practicing members from Mississippi and surrounding states, practicing primarily in the defense of civil litigation in courtrooms throughout the state and federal courthouses in Mississippi.

To our members, there are many tools here you should find to be invaluable to your law practice. Browse the past issues of The Quarterly for scholastic articles or peruse our expert witness listing.  Search our membership directory to locate colleagues throughout the region.

Our membership roster includes many of the state’s most prominent lawyers, known both at the state and national levels, who have and continue to distinguish themselves through service and leadership. We provide inclusion and opportunity for diverse and young attorneys to lead. It is our continued goal to enhance the practice of all our membership by providing education through CLE and skills training seminars as well as scholarly publications such as The Quarterly magazine. We also provide networking opportunities with colleagues and clients, all to enhance knowledge and understanding of the law as well as to impress upon all the vital importance of collegiality and civility in what is, by definition, an adversarial and often difficult process in this, our chosen profession.

Thank you for visiting our website.

Trace D. McRaney

2021 MDLA President

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