Message from Our President

As the 2024 president of the Mississippi Defense Lawyers Association, I am proud to welcome you to our official website. The MDLA was founded in 1965 and since that time our organization has been assisting the members of the defense bar in their efforts in civil litigation in Mississippi. I welcome you to have a look around at the valuable information, tools and upcoming events we have to offer.  I would specifically direct you to past issues of The Quarterly which is MDLA’s flagship contribution. I would also point you to our membership directory, where you will find a roster of the most respected defense attorneys in the State of Mississippi. Also, please review upcoming CLE opportunities and our extensive expert database. It is my hope you will find information here to assist in your understanding of who we are and what we do. 

Thank you for visiting our website. 

J. Seth McCoy

2024 MDLA President

Steen Dalehite & Pace, LLP

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